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  • Great flavor from perfect smoke!
  • No tools or modifications to your grill.
  • No mess or ash on your food.
  • Easy to use – lights fast and stays lit.
  • Can smoke for over 4 hours without refueling.
  • Extremely low cost when compared to a standalone smoker!

Super excited to introduce the Oba Smoker this year! It has been quite a journey as I started working on this way back in 2010! Since this video was shot last summer we have completed the tooling and everything is set to start production (prototypes are shown in the video). I believe the best way to launch the Oba Smoker is through a crowdfunding platform, like Indiegogo or KickStarter. That way I can offer great special pricing, and you can be one of the first to own the Oba Smoker. Please leave your email below so we can keep you updated on our launch!

Thanks, Kevin Vinett


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